Ring size measurement

Hm, how will you choose the right ring size, you say? Here is a simple solution. Click this link to open the PDF instructions. Print it in 1:1 ratio and follow the simple steps. It’s easy.

Short tips on choosing your ring size:

  • Make sure you are making your measurements in a warm environment at the end of the day.
  • In case your knuckles are larger then your fingers, make your measurements manually (method 2 in the PDF) and choose the
    middle size. Make sure you are measuring a finger you intent to wear the ring on.
  • In case you are choosing between two sizes, it is recommended to choose the larger one. Especially when the ring model you are choosing is wide.
  • Ring size on your writing hand is usually half a size larger.
  • Average female ring size is 52, average male ring size is 62.
  • When choosing a ring for someone else, ask their relatives or friends for their ring size or better yet borrow one of their rings for measurement. Make sure you are borrowing a ring for the same finger they will wear their new ring on.


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