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How it’s made

Creative process from start to finish

This is my lovely studio workshop. Here is where I make all my jewelry with my hands and tools.

Depending on the type of design, my process slightly varies in stages, materials and tool.

However, the following stages apply to most of my work.


Design and concepts

Majority of my designs start with a rough sketch in my notebook. I usually already have an idea in mind, and I use my notebook mainly for size perception or solving details.


Designs are created with intention to portray a message which inspired me, but also leave enough room for individuals to find their own meaning. All my collections have recognizable elements and I tend to draw most of my forms from nature.


I love to play with the way jewelry can be worn, I admire the idea that one piece can be worn in a few different ways and therefor gives you more freedom to style it as you please.

...I tend to draw most of my forms from nature.


Prototypes and tests

I first start building an idea as a prototype. I often first carve them in wax, play around with materials or make various silicone moulds. Most of my natural forms are impressions of real-life object I find intriguing.


At this stage I also forge copper plates, form wires, solder metals or sometimes make a piece straight from silver. This stage of jewelry making is by far the most creative one and it is where I need to imagine and predict the whole process till the very end.

...this stage is by far the most creative.



If my design is made as a wax model, it is then transformed into silver with a lost-wax casting method and I entrust this process to my local caster. It took some time and a lot of failed attempts for us to learn each other’s boundaries of this process and to ensure the result meets my quality standards, design and is also time efficient.


Depending on the design, some of the pieces can be easily repeated to this very step, when others need to be made by hand from the very beginning till the end every time.

...it took some time and a lot of failed attempts.


The dirty work

At this stage the work gets dirty. There is filling, drilling, annealing, soldering, sawing, a real mess going on at my workbench. I mostly use traditional hand tools and a few of the new age motorized accessories that occasionally save my life. There are no shortcuts, only persistence, sweat and tears. Occasional blood and burns also.


I am most attentive to details at this stage and I even discard items if I don’t think they meet my quality standards. Being a perfectionist, this stage is a real struggle for me.


Once this stage is over, the final form is slowly starting to show, and the excitement is real.

...I mostly use traditional hand tools.

Hand-filling sterling silver ringHand-filing sterling silver Alligator

Cleaning and polishing

Once I am happy with the form and design, the cleaning and polishing starts. Finishes are mostly matt and shiny; some designs are oxidized by applying sulphides to the silver surface which gives the silver that black and shadowy look. Precision and care are everything at this stage as I don’t want to be making fatal mistakes at the very last stage of the process.

This stage to me is full of excitement and joy and I tap my shoulder for not giving up at stage 4.

...precision and care are everything.


Personal packaging

All my jewelry pieces are delivered to you in specially designed packaging. The boxes are handmade by a local production packaging company, so are the soft protective pouches from a German partner company, specialized in jewelry protection.


Every package includes my own personal note and I am thankful and overexcited for every single one I get to write. Thank you for your trust!


P.S. If you are buying a piece of jewelry as a gift, I can happily add a blank thank you card for you to write down your own words, no problem. Just simply let me know in the Notes section in the second stage of your order.

...every package includes my own personal note.