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A bow implies a thoughtful gift

which can simply be, to cherish a chosen virtue.
are challenged every day
Unique sterling silver ring, PresentPresent unique statement ring
Faith earrings, set of two
Drops, silver earrings hangingDrops earrings long wear
Stacking bows necklaces
Faithful set, earring and necklaceFaith necklace, unique and handmade
This is how it all started …
I designed my first bow to mark my first experience as a mother.
A Bow for Mommy, to me, stands for everything
I feel and overcome as a mom.
Faith and patience necklace and pendant wearing backwardsFreedom and joy when wearing faith and patience
Unique handmade Present ringPresent ring, close up look
A meaningful piece of jewelry
can help us overcome our fears.
Bow necklace, all sterling silver, handmade
Earring handmade and meant to praise mothers
Nature inspires
Stack your bows into your own public diary.
Mnimalistic jewelry, earrings set Faith