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Treat yourself with unique jewelry

Every piece is handmade with attention to detail.



Birds Collection

At rare times we meet someone and instantly adore who they are. Unconsciously, we improve a little.
This is one of those times.

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• Premium packaging included
• Made on backorder, up to 7 days

Inspiration for these rings was the courageous movement of birds in the air. The position of wings in the very moment they decide to change direction and catch the resistance of air. Wearing two or three together assimilates their coordinated flying and harmonized turns.

SIZE: choose the size of both Amigos. If you prefer one size to be different, please write down your second size in the Checkout Notes box. Thank you.

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• HANDMADE in Slovenia
• 925 sterling silver
• Minimalistic, elegant and so very interesting




• SIZING NOTE: measure the part of the finger where you want to wear your rings. Size 2 also includes knuckle sizes.
• Wearing them in a set emphasized the elegance of your hands and stresses delicate and precise movement of fingers. Your hands covered with an impressive flock of birds.
• Both rings are alike and differ only in sizes.


’’Styling tip: they look great with longer and oversized sleeves. On occasion you can also put them on a necklace and voila, you have an amazing pendant.’’


Production up to 7 days after backorder payment. We'll do our best and inform you on the email provided.


From 2 – 12 days (depending on your location). However, there might be delays for international shipments, due to COVID-19 situation.


Standard shipping via Post of Slovenia. Express shipping optional upon request.


You have the option to cancel the order or return the item. For detailed information please see Terms and Conditions.