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Treat yourself with unique jewelry

Every piece is handmade with attention to detail.



Mommy Collection


Between all the dippers, porridges and cramps, who has time to mix and match anyway. This set was prepared with busy motherhood in mind.


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This jewelry pieces were made when I first experienced what it takes and feels to be a mother. A role which undeniably acquired a tangible reminder and a pillar for self-worth.
Why bows, you say? Well, motherhood is an enormous privilege and a heavy responsibility, both perceived as one big wrapped-up gift. We wrap gifts with bows, so to me, it is a perfect symbol.



ENGRAVING OPTION: write the name of your child in the Notes box at the checkout. Engraving service will prolong the shipping for 2 days.



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• HANDMADE in Slovenia
• 925 sterling silver
• Minimalistic and made in detail, set of three pieces




• Complementary set of earring and necklace with non-detachable pendant.
• Made for women who like their jewellery to match and impress.


’’Styling tip: wear it as a set on your coffee breaks, your dipper shopping sprees and your cocktail evenings.’’


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40 cm long sterling silver chain with clasps