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Story of Birds Collection


This silver shallow bird was used to fly alone. Then one day she looked down and found another bird just like her, always following her around. She wanted to get rid of the annoying company, flew high, flew low, flew fast and hid behind the tree. But little did she know it was impossible. She wasn’t the brightest one, you see. Not very bright at all.

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925 Sterling Silver earrings.

Wax casting technique.


A swallow bird flying and forming her own shadow.

Double silver earring worn in front and behind the ear. Also possible to wear a single piece in front.


Every item in the online shop is handmade. Jewelry is shaped, crafted and finished by hand. Slight variations and imperfections can be seen but because of that each piece is unique.


Handmade in Slovenia



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Unique brand name packaging is included. No need to worry about gift wrapping :)

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925 Sterling Silver
Made in Slovenia