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How to create your workbench heaven

Tips on better organizing and enjoying your work space
Making my jewelry working space

How to create your workbench heaven

The beginning of last month has been extra exciting! I have moved my regular working space into a new area and seriously upgraded the working environment. I had to thoroughly re-think how my working space will look like and what kind of organization will work best. My goal was to create a jewelry working space I would love to hang out any day of the week.

This is what came together so far, and I am more than happy. I could still do more in the future but it is a lovely start. More than anything, I love that the room is bright, clean-looking, and has a relaxing view. In spring I intend to grow tomatoes and herbs in the big balcony sink. Can’t wait!

If you are also a designer dealing with the same situation or just someone who thinks about creating a creative space, here are a few tips that didn’t cost much but made a big difference to my little space organization:

  1. Since my studio is quite small, I decided to use white furniture. Furniture in one colour makes the space look bigger and brighter.
  2. Only white furniture however can feel slightly dull, so I added an organizational closet in dark blue. When adding colours to your space it’s a thrill but you want your colours to go together and not take all the attention. My blue closet goes well with a yellow chair and bright wood on the floor. All the chosen colours also go well with silver which will eventually be everywhere. By choosing summer-like tones I must say, I almost feel like I am close to the beach.
  3. Surround yourself with objects that matter. Your space will always look more appealing and warmer if objects mean something to you. I tend to re-accessorize my space according to how I feel, I tend to adjust to seasons and my inspiration at the moment. If for some reason, your day isn’t going as inspirational as planned, a sight on something meaningful usually helps.
  4. If you have enough space, then add some greenery. A flower that grows well usually tells you, your space is positive, calm and friendly.
  5. ORGANIZE! It really is the key to have some kind of order from the beginning. When it comes to jewelry and tools for jewelry, tile drawers work best. My previous drawers were deep and narrow and that also made them heavy, so it was impossible to open or close them during work, not alone find anything. Tile and wide drawers will allow you to find space for each tool one next to each other and make everything at sight.
  6. Store all your little gift boxes or sample boxes etc., especially if you like how they look. They will be great to organize your accessories in your drawers. I use used up cream containers to store my silver scraps or my cut out solder.
  7. I tend to clean up after I finish work, so when I start the next day, my mind and focus are clear. I am using small plate shelfs to store my unfinished jewelry pieces safely and ready to be completed eventually.
  8. Ikea has these little organizing boxes made from wood. For a jeweller they are absolutely great. You can label every little drawer and separate all your little scraps and tiny particles.
  9. Make sure you enjoy your chair! You don’t want it to be too comfortable or you won’t be able to have any work done, but you do need a strong back support and, in my opinion, a comfortable linen.
  10. Light is essential! To work well you need to see well. Natural light is great if you are lucky enough to have any, but you work at night also, don’t you? Working under white light adjusted for your eyes will seriously help you stay attentive longer, you won’t make mistakes in your jewelry as you go. I still need to make my main light prettier and cover the circuit, but I paid special attention to what kind of bulbs I use and even talked to a professional about it.
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