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A break in Skopje

How I get inspired? Inspiration is truly everywhere. But it’s not ”things” that inspire, it’s your state of mind. Any environment that makes you feel safe, content and loved is a vast space of potential inspiration. So if you travel with these three things, you’ll be able to look around you and start seeing the evolving stories in your mind or peculiar details in the most ordinary objects. Everywhere you go. It amazes me sometimes, how inspiring can everyday things be. Like a potato or an insect. A flower or a random chat. Anything. No limits here. Oh, and the trip to Skopje was great. I packed the essential three things.


  • Necklaces
  • Necklaces

Bow fever

Lately my working desk is full of bows. I can’t stop playing with them and I can’t stop wearing them. These dashing little creatures go with everything. They are my favourite piece right now and I wear them with everything. Inspired by the charming moments of motherhood, they secretly imply you are a mother. The most precious gift of life.


    Say yes, darling

    A special engagement ring for a special person. Made from a twig of an olive tree. It represents strength and durability. Roots of an olive tree are able to sustain natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. They are a symbol of peace, commitment and prosperity. So what better way to say ”I’ll love you forever”.
    It was a pleasure helping a future fiance to sweep her off her feet. Well done!

    Twig ring before size measurement and soldering.

    Every package comes with a special note.

    Unique sustainable and reusable packaging.

    Natural felts box. Unique opening patent.


    Back behind the desk

    After some time I am back behind my desk – making jewelry. Lots has happened in the meanwhile. Becoming a mother is definitely the most important thing. I thought I might not find the time for jewelry making once I take on this important role but it is somehow completely different. I’ve never had so much energy and drive. New ideas are pouring in and I can’t wait to see how they look like in reality. Stay tuned ;)


    • Polishing
    • Wings in Silver
    • Silver shape statement ring
    • Wearable Silver ring

    Fly away

    There’s a new collection I am working on. I am playing with the concept of freedom. I started thinking about this important and understated ‘’luxury’’ we could all enjoy but we somehow don’t seem to grasp it entirely or comprehend the entire meaning.  Sure, we manage to be ‘’financially’’ free, perhaps free to sleep late, travel, spend or even waste. But the most challenging freedom of all – is to be free of your own heavy heart loads, twisted head thoughts, your restricting fear. It is that kind of freedom that probably only flying creatures have. You know… because they can so easily fly away from everything.

    Walnut Crack Poem

    Walnut Crack.

    I want to see your scars
    I want to see that part
    where you once bled
    but now you’re healed.

    Will there be still a crack –
    that space of nothingness
    between the old and new
    that narrow space of intimacy –
    the one you rather wouldn’t see.

    by Lana