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Fly away

There’s a new collection I am working on. I am playing with the concept of freedom. I started thinking about this important and understated ‘’luxury’’ we could all enjoy but we somehow don’t seem to grasp it entirely or comprehend the entire meaning.  Sure, we manage to be ‘’financially’’ free, perhaps free to sleep late, travel, spend or even waste. But the most challenging freedom of all – is to be free of your own heavy heart loads, twisted head thoughts, your restricting fear. It is that kind of freedom that probably only flying creatures have. You know… because they can so easily fly away from everything.

Walnut Crack Poem

Walnut Crack.

I want to see your scars
I want to see that part
where you once bled
but now you’re healed.

Will there be still a crack –
that space of nothingness
between the old and new
that narrow space of intimacy –
the one you rather wouldn’t see.

by Lana

Birthday Crocodile

Every piece comes out differently. It is the unexpected that makes me change it from how it was originally planned. Organic animal forms are exciting as it cannot be that two facial expressions come out the same. This crocodile feels determined. Straightforward, strong yet gentle. Sounds about right. Hope she likes it.

April in December – gallery show

A jewellery designing duo known under the name “April” presented their new collection. Martina Obid and Natasa Grandovec are both masters when it comes to accuracy and hand crafting skills. Every piece is unique and technically perfected. Happy to see their collection being so proudly exhibited in the centre of Ljubljana. Silver mistletoe earrings are just perfect.