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Tips on how to create your working space for jewelry

The beginning of last month has been extra exciting! I have moved my regular working space into a new area and seriously upgraded the working environment. Not only I had to thoroughly re-think how my working space will look like and what kind of organization works best, but more than anything, decide what kind of space would I feel best in. Very important! My goal was to create a jewelry working space I would love to hang out in even on days when inspiration deserts me or when I wake up just not ready to do anything pretty. You know, a coffee drinking – silver forming – thoughts collecting kind of room.

So here is what came together so far, and I am more than happy, although it seems it is a never-ending job. I tend to add items on the go and cannot wait what this space will turn into. Tomatoes and herbs will grow, silver dust will cover everything, and I might even add some unintentional blood stains somewhere.

If you are also a designer dealing with the same situation or just someone who thinks about creating a creative space, here are a few tips that didn’t cost much but made a big difference to my little space organization:

  1. Since my studio is quite small, I decided to use light base furniture. Furniture in one colour makes the space look bigger and brighter.
  2. Only white furniture however can come out slightly boring, so I added an organizational closet in dark blue. When adding colours to your space it’s a thrill but you want your colours to go together. My blue closet goes well with a yellow chair and bright wood on the floor. All the chosen colours also go well with silver which will eventually be everywhere.
  3. Surround yourself with objects that matter. Your space will always look more appealing and warmer if objects you hand, or place mean something to you. This part is still in the making in my space but the great thing about it is, you can always change and modify it and add and throw away. It’s the never ending fun part : )
  4. If you have enough space, then add some greenery. In my case, the view is as green as it gets, but I tend to add flowers from time to time too. A flower that grows well usually tells you, your space is positive, calm and friendly.
  5. ORGANIZE! It really is the key to have some kind of order from the beginning. When it comes to jewelry and tools for jewelry, tile drawers work best. My previous drawers were deep and narrow and that also made them heavy, so it was impossible to open or close them during work, not alone find anything. Tile and wide drawers will allow you to find space for each tool one next to each other and they will not be too heavy to close.
  6. Store all your little gift boxes or sample boxes etc., especially if you like how they look. They will be great to organize your accessories in your drawers.
  7. I tend to clean up after I finish work, so when I start the next day, my mind and inspiration are clear. I am using small plate shelfs to store my unfinished jewelry pieces safely and ready to be completed eventually.
  8. Ikea has these little organizing boxes made from wood. For a jeweller they are absolutely great. You can label every little drawer and separate all your little scraps and tiny particles.
  9. Make sure you enjoy your chair! You don’t want it to be too comfortable or you won’t be able to have any work done, but you do need a strong back support and, in my opinion, a comfortable linen.
  10. Light is essential! To work well you need to see well. Natural light is great if you are lucky enough to have any, but you work at night also, don’t you? Working under white light adjusted for your eyes will seriously help you stay attentive longer, you won’t make mistakes in your jewelry as you go. I still need to make my main light prettier and cover the circuit, but I paid special attention to what kind of bulbs I use and even talked to a professional about it.

My new studio, happy to meet you!



New collaboration Utopiast

New collaboration –

From time to time a person is lucky enough to meet a fellow soul. It happens suddenly and it happens naturally and mostly it is as warm and pleasant as a sunny day in the fall. Meeting the Utopiast team was one of those warm fall feelings and it was simply natural to join our forces.

We are excited and pleased to say that you can now find a few of our contemporary statement pieces on, accompanied with other sustainable and timeless designer minds.

Utopiast and Sanda Vidmar

Jana magazine shared our love

Magazine Interview about usIf you are planning to spend this weekend somewhere at the seaside in Croatia or somewhere nice in Slovenia, then we have a perfect plan for you. Grab this lovely magazine, find a nice and comfortable spot and start relaxing. Since we are revealing interesting and true insights into our daily routine, what we like and what motivates out brand, you sure are up for an amusing few hours. You are also welcome to follow up and let us know what you think on our social media or via mail @sandavidmarjewelry Excited to hear from you, have a lovely weekend :) @revijajana

GIVEAWAY in Valentine spirit

We absolutely love people with open minded spirit and Nadine is most definitely one of them. This lovely creature based in London, writes the most amazing blog called Karate and Caviar, but most of all she travels the world and experiences life outside her boundaries, in pursuit of endless summer. She actually stopped by in Ljubljana as well (good decision dear) and you can read all about it in her latest blog posting HERE. There is also a lovely GIVEAWAY at the end of the posting that grew with our collaboration and you are invited to participate.  We are giving away our lovely earring The little one to the lucky winner!

Nadine we love your spirit and we look forward to see which destinations will you take our jewelry to next ;)

Featured in Glamour UK

We are so very excited! We are featured in this December British Glamour UK issue. Their selection team contacted us to collaborate in the selection of chosen unique jewelry pieces they recommend as the best pics for this year festive gifts. We are proud and head over toes excited!! Thank you Glamour UK, we love you <3

The piece featured in the Glamour Magazine and Online page is the double ring: The Bird. Shop The Bird HERE.



When a beautiful creature comes along

Recently we added a new beauty to our portfolio. Miss Lara was and is a starting up ”i hope she will be” model. We had the shoot in a hotel room at Ptuj where we were staying for a few nights. It all worked out perfectly. The shoot was fun, openminded and aboveall surprising. Can’t wait for all the photos. Kisses Lara, thank you again xxx

NEW collaboration with Slovenske ustvarjalke

We recently started our collaboration with @slovenskeustvarjalke. A fascinating and interesting group of artists and creative souls. A few of our items are available in their online shop so be sure to check out their page and follow all exciting news!

If you hate generic and admire what someone’s imagination can do, then you should definitely check out :


A break in Skopje

How I get inspired? Inspiration is truly everywhere. But it’s not ”things” that inspire, it’s your state of mind. Any environment that makes you feel safe, content and loved is a vast space of potential inspiration. So if you travel with these three things, you’ll be able to look around you and start seeing the evolving stories in your mind or peculiar details in the most ordinary objects. Everywhere you go. It amazes me sometimes, how inspiring can everyday things be. Like a potato or an insect. A flower or a random chat. Anything. No limits here. Oh, and the trip to Skopje was great. I packed the essential three things.


Bow fever

Lately my working desk is full of bows. I can’t stop playing with them and I can’t stop wearing them. These dashing little creatures go with everything. They are my favourite piece right now and I wear them with everything. Inspired by the charming moments of motherhood, they secretly imply you are a mother. The most precious gift of life.


Say yes, darling

A special engagement ring for a special person. Made from a twig of an olive tree. It represents strength and durability. Roots of an olive tree are able to sustain natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. They are a symbol of peace, commitment and prosperity. So what better way to say ”I’ll love you forever”.
It was a pleasure helping a future fiance to sweep her off her feet. Well done!

Twig ring before size measurement and soldering.

Every package comes with a special note.

Unique sustainable and reusable packaging.

Natural felts box. Unique opening patent.


Back behind the desk

After some time I am back behind my desk – making jewelry. Lots has happened in the meanwhile. Becoming a mother is definitely the most important thing. I thought I might not find the time for jewelry making once I take on this important role but it is somehow completely different. I’ve never had so much energy and drive. New ideas are pouring in and I can’t wait to see how they look like in reality. Stay tuned ;)


  • Polishing
  • Wings in Silver
  • Silver shape statement ring
  • Wearable Silver ring

Fly away

There’s a new collection I am working on. I am playing with the concept of freedom. I started thinking about this important and understated ‘’luxury’’ we could all enjoy but we somehow don’t seem to grasp it entirely or comprehend the entire meaning.  Sure, we manage to be ‘’financially’’ free, perhaps free to sleep late, travel, spend or even waste. But the most challenging freedom of all – is to be free of your own heavy heart loads, twisted head thoughts, your restricting fear. It is that kind of freedom that probably only flying creatures have. You know… because they can so easily fly away from everything.

Walnut Crack Poem

Walnut Crack.

I want to see your scars
I want to see that part
where you once bled
but now you’re healed.

Will there be still a crack –
that space of nothingness
between the old and new
that narrow space of intimacy –
the one you rather wouldn’t see.

by Lana

Birthday Crocodile

Every piece comes out differently. It is the unexpected that makes me change it from how it was originally planned. Organic animal forms are exciting as it cannot be that two facial expressions come out the same. This crocodile feels determined. Straightforward, strong yet gentle. Sounds about right. Hope she likes it.

April in December – gallery show

A jewellery designing duo known under the name “April” presented their new collection. Martina Obid and Natasa Grandovec are both masters when it comes to accuracy and hand crafting skills. Every piece is unique and technically perfected. Happy to see their collection being so proudly exhibited in the centre of Ljubljana. Silver mistletoe earrings are just perfect.